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EnglishAre you scared or have you been threatened or beaten?

Have you suffered violence at the hands of your husband, partner, boyfriend, parents, siblings or another relative?

Are you scared or have you been threatened or beaten?

Have you been subjected to a sexual assault?

Do you feel trapped or isolated at all?

Are you at risk of a forced marriage?

Call the FemCenter women’s shelter:

020 – 55 55 25

Relatives, friends and work colleagues are also welcome to call us.

The call is free and will not appear on your phone bill.

We have a duty of confidentiality and you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

You can call us no matter where you live in Sweden.

We offer counselling, legal advice, practical assistance and sheltered accommodation should you need it, and can put you in touch with the authorities.

The people who work at FemCenter speak many different languages and can offer support in your own language.

We can support you!

Please contact us.

We have many years’ experience of providing support to women and girls who have been subjected to violence.

Here, you can get advice on ways to change your current situation and move forward. The form this takes may vary depending on your particular need for help and support.

Support is available through our nationwide helpline or in person at our office.


För allmänna frågor, konsultation, placering, medlemskap, donationer etc.

Kontor/fax: 040-23 87 00 (Vardagar kl 08-17)

E-post: info@femcenter.se

Postadress: Box 171 75, 200 10 Malmö


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